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Whether you want to raise growth capital, go public, make an acquisition, form a strategic alliance, or free up money through a sale or restructuring. VVAS UAE’s global network of corporate finance professionals can help you achieve maximum value, offering advice and support every step of the way.

Our clients range from publicly traded middle market companies and large private companies to smaller owner-managed companies, covering a broad range of industry sectors. Our network of offices is exceptionally positioned to provide you with local knowledge and advice and assist you with complex international or cross-border issues.

VVAS provides practical advice on corporate finance, leadership advice, and transaction support services, from pre-deal valuations to deal closing and post-merger or spin-off.


Corporate Finance In UAE

VVAS Corporate Finance team provides independent financial advice and innovation to multinational and regional corporations, private companies, institutional investors (including sovereign wealth funds and private equity firms), and governments looking to buy or sell businesses, secure new financing or improve solutions to their viability financing on their balance sheet.

We advise and support clients at all stages of the transaction cycle, from start to finish. For acquiring businesses, this may include setting appropriate goals, raising capital, seeking to resolve valuation differences between buyer and seller, and closing the deal.

Our corporate heritage profoundly shapes our culture, so we concentrate on creating long-term solid relationships with our clients rather than closing deals, whether or not it’s in their best interests. We are independent of funding sources, which is why we differentiate through non-financial intellectual capital.

These factors, combined with our firm’s deep industry knowledge, access to PwC’s global corporate finance network, and understanding of the Middle East market, make our business a reality.


Leading Stakeholder Trust Our Corporate Finance Services

VVAS Capital’s corporate finance practice connects major corporations, prominent family groups, and leading financial institutions in the emerging markets of the UAE. We strive to provide exemplary corporate finance advisory services to clients seeking support in private equity, mergers, and acquisitions, restructuring, and fundraising activities.

VVAS Capital’s corporate finance practice bridges the gap between existing capital in the MENA region and companies along the Islamic Corridor (from all sectors). Drawing on our extensive industry experience and strong connections, we assist clients in obtaining conventional and Islamic debt through bilateral or joint agreements. We advise and help across a wide range of corporate services and can advise and develop corporate financial strategies. We specialize in corporate finance and offer our clients various options with an eye toward quality and value for money.

We advise investors and private equity funds on divestments and attract strategic investors to their companies in emerging markets in the UAE.

We provide the following services:

  • Prepare sales, i.e. evaluations and marketing presentations.
  • Identify potential buyers.
  • Prepare and implement marketing promotions.


Buyer Advice

We advise on cross-border acquisition and expansion opportunities in the Middle East as well as emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and around the world:

  • Evaluate strategic expansion opportunities
  • Goal setting, assessment, and communication.


Transaction Support

We manage the evaluation and execution of buy-side and sell-side transactions for clients through the following services:

  • Advanced business planning and scenario modeling
  • Due diligence support and oversight
  • Evaluate
  • Negotiate, structure, and close deals
  • Project Management Negotiation Process


Structural Advice

We provide the following services:

  • Business and Cash Flow Review
  • Financing options and structuring/restructuring advice
  • Advice on ownership and capital structure.


Capital Increase

We meet our clients’ debt and financing needs by:

  • Prepare fundraising campaigns, i.e. marketing materials.
  • Identify potential lenders and investors.
  • Prepare and implement marketing promotions.


How Do We Do It?

To do this, we do the following:

We listen to your goals.

Understand the client’s goals, current arrangements, financial history, and what the client seeks to achieve.

Making plans

Evaluate the information provided and propose a financial plan tailored to the client’s needs.

Work hard to implement the plan.

Implement the products agreed upon in the financial plan to achieve the client’s goals.

Improve where necessary

Continuously review results and goals as the client grows.

Hire the Best Corporate Finance Advisory in UAE

Contact us and enjoy the simple life of your travels in Dubai or any emirate in the UAE. At VVAS, we will assist you with corporate financing services for your company, whether on the mainland or in any free zone. Our duties range from guiding you through applicable laws to completing the final paperwork. Call us or visit us today for outstanding corporate finance service…!!

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