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VVAS provides the best foreign direct investment services in the United Arab Emirates. Based on our experience and profound knowledge of the UAE foreign investment market, we achieve maximum income through short and long-term investment techniques.

Our foreign investment management services include managing multiple investment units in retail, real estate, or even manufacturing/supplying; we cater to all.


What kind of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is allowed in the UAE?

In 2019, the UAE Economic Report shows that the UAE ranked 27th globally in 2018 (up three places from 2017) in terms of its capacity to attract foreign direct investment. The value of inward FDI in 2018 rose to around $10,385 million, up from $10,354 million in 2017.

The United Arab Emirates ranks first in the Arab world, accounting for 36% of total foreign direct investment inflows to Arab countries in 2018. It ranks second in the West Asia region, accounting for 35.5% of total FDI inflows and about 22% of the total. FDI flows into the MENA region every year.

FDI in the United Arab Emirates is mainly concentrated in the following sectors:

  • Wholesale and retail,
  • Real estate market activity,
  • Financial insurance service,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Development of mines and quarries.

Do you know: Major investors in the UAE are from Switzerland, the United Kingdom, India, the United States, France, Austria, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the Netherlands.


Legal Forms of Foreign Direct Investment

FDI projects can take any of the following legal forms:

  • LLC, including sole proprietorship.
  • Private limited companies, including sole proprietors.


UAE  Official Licensing Program

The licensing authority and the competent authority of any emirate of the United Arab Emirates concerning foreign direct investment matters, each within its jurisdiction, shall determine the conditions and procedures required for establishing and licensing foreign direct investment projects. Including following the Foreign Direct Investment Law and Federal law or other applicable local regulations to determine the checklist and required documents. The diagram below shows the steps for licensing an IED project on the positive list.


Why should you take our foreign direct investment service in the UAE?

There are many reasons why foreign investors decide to invest in the UAE. The most important reason for taking our services are:

  • Strong infrastructure,
  • Stability and security,
  • Innovation,
  • Tax exemption system.


UAE Foreign Direct Investment Advisory Service In Various Emirates:

Suppose you are looking for a lifetime opportunity for investment and take full advantage of your money. In that case, it is recommended to use an expert foreign investment consultant who is well-versed in the investment process.

VVAS has been a world-famous firm of expert financial advisors for a decade and is available 24/7 to help you invest in Dubai. We have helped many clients to set up companies in Dubai and UAE. Our financial consultants are intelligent and qualified on the difficult path of tax, audit, accounting, investment, etc. We are offering Foreign Direct Investment services in the following field.

  • Real estate and real estate investment,
  • Information Technology Services,
  • Digital Marketing,
  • Stocks/Cryptocurrency,
  • Food and agriculture sector.


Foreign Direct Investment Service in Abu Dhabi

VVAS is a leading financial advisor in the UAE, supporting investment in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. We provide opportunities for local and foreign investors based on the economic priorities of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Also, we specialize in providing private sector entities with various programs, including competitive monetary and non-monetary incentives, SME empowerment, and public-private partnerships. Inquire about foreign direct investment plans at the VVAS.


Foreign Direct Investment Service in Sharjah

Providing extensive knowledge to the newbie in the investment industry, we have established our name as the best foreign investment advisor in UAE and facilitate investment opportunities in the emirate. VVAS, a foreign investment expert advisor, helps investors understand operations, investment returns, and insights into critical industries that suit their business profile.


Start Foreign Direct Investing In The UAE With VVAS

Still, wondering why foreigners want to start a company or invest in the UAE? Consult the Financial Investment Advisor in Dubai to understand the benefits of foreign direct investment in Dubai and other emirates for foreign investors.

Our experienced corporate advisors will guide you through the process, help you understand your options, and advise you on the best business structure and most appropriate jurisdiction. Contact us now!

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