Mergers And Acquisitions Consultants In UAE

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) consulting involves advising other companies looking to buy, sell or restructure their businesses. Our M&A advisory service can help guide companies through any corporate transaction and, in many cases, help with debt and equity financing.

VVAS M&A service can also help with tasks such as:

  • Provide relevant investment advice,
  • Determining an accurate valuation of the company,
  • Negotiate the highest possible price for the seller,
  • Introduce companies to potential buyers,
  • Help companies sell at fair market value,
  • Ensuring completion of sales transactions.

Our expert team can assist with business mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, as well as debt and equity financing matters. We ensure that all financial information exchanged is verified and accurate to ensure transactions are conducted at fair prices and that corporate governance objectives and client risk management are met.

The team delivers solid strategy, combined with deep functional experience, that will help you create the unique approach you need to realize deal value.


Benefits of Mergers & Acquisition Advisory Services in Dubai

Our M&A specialists are experienced advisors who have handled numerous M&A transactions for our clients. They thoroughly understand the rules and regulations of the United Arab Emirates.

We will provide you with all the assistance you need during the transaction process and your company’s restructuring.

The first step is to shortlist all acquisition targets. For all marks, we conduct a business valuation and compare the values of all entities. We will also be in negotiations and support your business by signing contracts to do business in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE.

Even if the M&A is completed, our work is still ongoing. VVAS always provides post-trade formalities and arrangements for clients.

We also manage the organization’s restructuring to align it with Dubai’s existing M&A corporate structure.

We can also handle organizing and structuring resources, planning business processes, and VAT registration of acquired businesses.


Services We Offer:

You can acquire a company in many ways. The services provided by most consulting firms are limited to the acquisition of shares. While this is known to be one of the finest ways to do mergers and acquisitions, we offer two other ways to meet our client’s needs.


Buy Shares

Buying stocks is, without a doubt, the easiest way to start a business. Therefore, ownership is transferred from the last owner to the recent owner. You do not need to transfer related assets and liabilities.

We’ll make sure the process is straightforward for you. However, the transfer of shares is subject to approval by the UAE authorities.

Legal Merger

A legal merger is less common than a stock purchase because it is less simple. However, you don’t have to worry about trouble. Depending on the acquisition, we advise you on the appropriate acquisition method and handle the complete merger process.

In the event of a legal merger, your company will fully absorb the company. Therefore, the acquired company itself will not be a legal entity. We can also prepare a merger agreement between the parties containing all terms and conditions.

Auction Purchase

Auctions of large companies are very common in the UAE compared to small and medium companies. Often, strict laws and regulations do not regulate auctions. However, the offer must be made by UAE company law.

We thoroughly understand UAE company law and know how to make mergers and acquisitions activities in UAE compliant. We will screen the merchants before the auction, considering various factors. Factors include current market presence, asset value, expectations, etc. Based on the evaluation, we will decide on the bid price and send you a full report for your approval.

Preparing Preliminary M&A Agreements

Here, our M&A consulting firm can draw up preliminary agreements on behalf of both parties. These protocols must be in place to avoid fraudulent business and be conducted professionally.

Undisclosed Agreement

Although this agreement is necessary from the seller’s point of view, we can process it to check whether all the conditions set by the seller are sufficient.

During the sale of an asset, the seller must share confidential information with the buyer. Armed with this information, the buyer can conduct due diligence. We make sure that you have all the necessary information under this contract. We can even conduct due diligence to assist you through the M&A process.

Letter of Intent

Many letters of intent are required, such as a Memorandum of Understanding with all the necessary details. These may include pricing, asset information, terms and conditions, due diligence process, and time frames.

Exclusive Agreement

It is one of the fundamental agreements of the buyer. Therefore, our M&A consulting experts prepare them very carefully. The agreement does not allow the seller to transact with third parties while the buyer conducts due diligence.

However, it will support you in ensuring that the seller is not involved with other parties. Plus, it presents an opportunity for the buyer to perform due diligence with a free mind.

M&A Document Preparation Services

We take care of documentation requirements during mergers and acquisitions. You can tell our M&A consultant experts if you have any specific requirements. We will work hard to get this into the documentation. Check out the list of documents we will prepare for you under M&A Services:

  • In the case of a stock purchase or legal merger, either party can prepare a sale and purchase agreement. However, if it is an auction, the seller determines the terms, and we will not prepare the document.
  • The seller submits a disclosure letter. We can review and check them thoroughly for any errors or omissions on your behalf.
  • It is our responsibility to prepare the equity transfer documents.
  • We prepare documents for shareholder resolutions and other company approvals.
  • We also work on notarising powers of attorney.
  • Depending on its nature, we may also need to prepare a Transition Services Agreement and an Employment Agreement.
  • In the case of stock purchases, we will create separate documents for each asset purchase.

Why choose VVAS-Business Advisory Firms In UAE?

We are one of the leading M&A advisors in the UAE. We know how to find the job you need and evaluate it. Our experts have done many mergers and acquisitions. During this thirty-five-year journey, we have helped our clients grow by acquiring the most profitable businesses.

Sometimes we’ve been on the other side of the road, helping companies sell their business for a premium. As such, we have the expertise to handle both sides of a merger or acquisition. VVAS ensures that any deal struck helps all parties achieve their desired outcome.

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