Consultancy Firms Look For The Following 10 Skills

The quality of advice and the value you get is in the eye of the beholder. So whether you’re looking to hire a consultancy to generate new ideas for your business, gain a consultant’s expertise and experience, or grow your business, these skills will ensure you find the right firm and make your engagement work as much as possible.

Create a clear presentation.

When you first meet your potential consulting firm in Dubai, be very clear about your business goals, timeline, and desired outcomes (and no, it’s not out of date to ask, “what does success look like to you?”). Treat your advisors like your own doctors: tell them everything they should or need to know about your business and the challenges you face—and then some. Please don’t leave out details that you don’t think are important, as they may give the counselor a deeper understanding of the problem, helping them to resolve it more effectively.

Cautious and independent.

It’s no surprise that the consulting industry has a bad reputation. After years of charging clients by the hour and supplying them with products and services to meet their sales targets, consulting firms have done some severe damage. Moreover, as a client, when you meet and work with advisors, be diligent: notice whose agenda is at the top of the conversation. Are you selling ready-to-use solutions, or are consultants entirely focused on your agenda? Ask how they will be compensated. Conflicts are brutal to avoid – the key is to identify and resolve them in advance.

Experts speak the same language.

While technically, you may already be speaking the same language as your advisor; you need to make sure you understand precisely what you mean because people use the exact words to mean different things. Explain your terms to the counselor to ensure no ambiguity about their meaning. Knowing how your company speaks or defines jargon can help consultants better understand your brief and goals and focus on the exemplary aspects of the work.

Be bold and talk about money.

Gone are the days when clients played the “budget budget” game and consultants played the guess budget game. Instead, save your time (and that of your advisors) and intercommunicate your budget requirements and expectations upfront. With budget guidance, your consultant will provide you with a concise plan for the most efficient way to achieve your desired results while staying within your budget. It also saves time you might spend talking to the wrong advisor.

Work experience

Consulting firms in Dubai are looking for candidates who have already tried their skills in an area of relevant work experience. Ideally, this would be a vacation or internship outline demonstrating your interest in the consulting field and giving you an idea of what to look for in a consulting firm.

Other professional work experience at a well-known brand is also great – especially if you can talk about the transferable skills you’ve acquired, such as data analysis, presentation, teamwork, etc. Regardless of the experience, talk about the cases where you took the initiative and the impact your contributions have had. Browse our counseling courses.

Determine the result.

In working with a consultant, focus on the outcome rather than the time it takes to deliver it. Clarify with your consultant the work package and business outcomes you expect from him, and take the time to discuss and further define the results with your consultant. While many consulting firms habitually charge clients by the hour, this approach often needs to be revised. Advisors typically don’t like to charge clients by the hour, and clients don’t want to feel like they’re paying for every minute they spend talking to an advisor. By focusing on work results rather than time, you hold the consulting firm accountable for results within your timeline and budget.

Don’t expect your consultants to be “visitors.”

Working with a consulting firm in Dubai is not a one-way street. Don’t expect your consultant to start working after you have briefed and contact you when the project is complete. This is a collaborative process in which both parties play active roles. Expect your advisors to be something other than visitors but extensions of your team. Invite your advisors on-site to get to know you better and get involved with your team. Only in this way can you gain a deep understanding of your challenges and ultimately identify the best solutions.

Make sure to attend regular check-ins.

It might sound dull, but project management is critical to ensuring deliverables. Avoid a final delivery meeting at the end of the project after an introductory meeting with your consultant, as it may be too late to make any adjustments to achieve the best outcome. Instead, ensure you and your consultant check in regularly: a weekly 30-minute conference call focusing on the agenda and progress, as well as issues, challenges, bottlenecks, and problems, will give you enough control over the project’s progress. Remember other project check-ins, too: Whether you’re planning quarterly, semi-annual, or annual reviews, define project milestones ahead of time and be honest about achieving them.


Consulting is a team-based profession, so your ability to work well in a team is essential to your recruiters. They are looking for individuals who can work independently under their supervision and thrive on the rewards of being part of a high-performing team. Make sure you have some sample team experience, whether it’s a sports team, a partnership, or a project team in your course.

Top Tips To Help You Stand Out Among Candidates.

Demonstrate attention to detail: 

Being a good counselor is all about worrying about the little things. First, ensure there are no typing mistakes in your application: These companies are looking for an analyst who is diligent in analysis and presentation. Make sure you’ve mirrored the wording of the job description in the language you’ve used to describe your previous experience and role – recruiters will be evaluating multiple applications, so be sure to demonstrate knowledge of and responsiveness to your essential criteria.

Ask probing questions:

Each consultant is unique, so do your research and ask at least three or four questions at the end of the interview. Remember to ask yourself, what does this question say about me?

Show that you think like the facilitator:

Show that you think like the facilitator by clearly stating your responses and reasoning thoughtfully, logically, and organized manner. 

Final Thoughts

Finding the right consultants financial services providers takes work. You need someone who understands your business and has the right experience and can do the job and get the results you need. 

By following the tips above, you can more easily find the right advisor and eliminate the risk of wasting time and money by working with the wrong person. While some companies still give good consultants a bad name, they don’t accept outdated methods and ways of thinking. Instead, find an expert accounting service in Dubai that gives you the desired results. 

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