Benefits of Working with a Corporate Tax Professional in UAE

Corporate tax professionals are important in helping the UAE tax system work. To ensure they are qualified and experienced, a series of procedures (including registration requirements) are in place. As a result, corporate tax rates in the UAE remain among the lowest in the world, reducing the compliance burden for businesses. Implementing the corporate tax UAE will boost the country’s revenues, which is critical to compete in the global business and investment environment. In addition, this will bring more financial discipline into the corporate culture, leading to the proper maintenance of record keeping. Introducing a corporate tax reflects the UAE’s adherence to global tax transparency benchmarks without compromising the interests of startups and small businesses in the region.

Execution of tax compliance and reporting is often a complex task for UAE companies. Although tax compliance is rigorous, the process requires effective accounting and auditing expertise. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that companies outsource the services of certified tax consultants in the UAE to avoid the complexity of uae corporate tax declaration and tax compliance enforcement.

Corporate Tax Professional

Corporate tax professionals help companies meet their tax obligations: A person may designate others as corporate tax professionals to handle tax matters with the Federal Tax Agency (FTA) in their name and on their behalf. Tax professionals assist individuals in meeting their tax obligations and exercising related tax rights. Corporate tax professionals are typically engaged by their clients through their affiliated tax agencies to provide tax-related services, which include: assisting companies in registering with the FTA, preparing and filing tax returns with the FTA on behalf of the company, retaining tax-related Records and information; Inquiries to Free Zones on tax-related matters; Submission of requests for reconsideration of decisions issued by the Authority.

Responsibilities of Tax Agents

Tax professionals have many roles and responsibilities. They assist with tax compliance, legal activities, managing records, and preparing and filing VAT returns. It enables and guides taxpayers in their compliance activities under VAT. The tax agency can greatly help those running a business remotely.

Your information will be kept confidential. You don’t have to worry about keeping any information about your company because tax professionals understand the value of privacy in the corporate world. Your company data is always safe in the hands of tax agents. Tax agents are reliable and ethical. They refuse to participate in any action or scheme that could cause anyone to break the law or question the tax system’s integrity.

Benefits of tax professionals outsourcing for UAE  

The primary role of a corporate tax professional is to help minimize a client’s taxes while providing the information needed to ensure the client complies with all aspects of the law. Professionals review their clients’ records and adjust deductions and credits. In addition, they provide advice based on the financial capabilities of individuals or companies. Choosing a tax professional in Dubai is a better choice to let a company or individual know that tax consulting services in Dubai are pervasive throughout the UAE.

Gain certified expertise

By outsourcing corporate taxation services in the UAE, you can benefit from high-quality and efficient tax solutions that comply with Federal Revenue Authority regulations and standards: professional tax planning and important information for your business. Tax professionals evaluate various aspects of a business when processing tax returns.

Save time and cost

Tax preparation is usually time-consuming and relatively expensive, requiring the services of experienced experts to save time and cost. Top tax advisors in Dubai provide streamlined, cost-effective, and timely services. A tax advisor can help you save time preparing your tax return. They can help you stay current on any tax policy changes. Tax professionals can help you complete tax returns and financial audit statements. They can also help you file your financial records on time. They can help you organize, file and store all your receipts.

Eases the burden on your finance 

The accounting team is mainly responsible for recording daily and monthly accounting tasks. Tax compliance is a seasonal requirement. The outsourced firm will work with your team as far as it takes to get the exact results your business needs for tax compliance. Many companies in the UAE have discrepancies with outsourced VAT filings, and the same is expected to be the case for corporate income tax in the UAE.

 Tax professionals in Dubai are best able to advise on the correct calculation of taxes. They can advise you on effective tax management and ways to reduce your taxes. They are strategies to avoid future penalties and interest on your income statement. Tax advice in Dubai can give you peace of mind when you must file documents to meet government accounting and reporting requirements.

Provides flexibility in the number of employees

Qualified personnel is required for tax compliance; however, entities may subcontract the services of tax and accounting attorneys to them. Outsourcing certain functions, such as tax compliance, can eliminate hiring and firing cycles. They can help you renew work permits and licenses and conduct audits. Moreover, availing the services of tax consultants in Dubai can assist property owners in efficiently organizing their financial statements, freeing them from the stress and headache of unfamiliarity.

Cost Friendly:

While hiring a corporate tax professional may seem like an added cost, it works in the long run. Corporations can reduce tax liability and increase their key benefits by ensuring consistency and recognition of all tax deductions.

Avoid risk

Failure to pay taxes as required can have serious consequences, including significant fines and penalties. However, by working with a corporate tax professional, companies can bet on not paying and ensure they meet all tax obligations.

Important preparation:

Corporate tax professionals assist companies in developing productivity tax approaches to increase profits and reduce tax deficits. They can also educate companies on tax advice related to other business options, such as mergers and acquisitions, and help them make informed decisions.

Who should file taxes in the UAE?

If you think now that no one in the UAE is required to pay taxes, you are right; almost no one in the UAE is required to file or pay taxes on their UAE or foreign sources of income. This applies to citizens, foreigners, employees, and self-employed persons.

Historically, many companies in the UAE enjoyed zero income tax on their profits. However, this is about to change with the Ministry of Finance (MOF) announcement on 31 January 2022 that a federal corporate tax will be introduced in the UAE. The CIT is expected to apply to financial years beginning or after 1 June 2023.

The proposed corporate tax regime is expected to apply to all business activities in the UAE (i.e., commercial, industrial, and professional), except the extraction of natural resources, which are (and will be) taxed at the UAE level.

It was also announced that the corporate tax incentives offered to free zone companies would continue to be honored, provided the free zone company complies with all applicable regulatory requirements. It does not conduct business in the UAE.

Final thoughts

A corporate tax professional can provide comprehensive advice on closing the books properly and on time for any future tax audits by the authorities and filing your tax returns on time. Tax Specialists also provide various business services, including financial management, audit, accounting and bookkeeping, accounting software, due diligence, VAT advisory, and tax filings.

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